Get back to the beach

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Get Your Family Back to the Beach

Save time, save money, enjoy our beautiful beaches with your family.


What’s the best thing about living in Sunny South Florida? The beach, right? Some of my fondest memories are of being on the beach with my family. But since we’ve had kids we NEVER go! You know the drill, between the cooler, umbrella, chairs, blankets, towels, buckets, shovels, toys, boogie boards, sunscreen, etc., you don't have a free hand to safely walk your kids to the beach, so you end up at the park. Don't settle for the park, with Beach Buddies, you can get back to the beach!

Let’s get your family back to the beach enjoying your area’s greatest free natural resource, and while you're at it create some new lasting memories. We’ll take the hassle out of it for you.

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Our Services

We Unload • We Set Up • You Save


We Unload AND LOAD your Car

Beach Buddies will meet you and your family at your selected parking lot/garage and unload your car of all your beach supplies. If you choose, we will also come back at the end of your day to pack up and reload your car for you, leaving you hands free to get everybody back to the car safely without being bogged down with all your “stuff”.


We Set up your beach site

While you are safely getting everyone to the beach to enjoy your day we will be expertly setting up your beach site:

Pop Up Tent
Pack -n- Play


We Save you money

Think about how much money you will save! The beach is free and if you have all your own food, drinks and supplies you’re golden. Buying lunch alone on the beach for a family of four is at least $50; rental of two beach chairs and an umbrella is $40 and up. Beach Buddies saves you a bundle because you will have everything you need to have an awesome day with your family and friends.

Fully licensed, bonded and insured.



Peter has done several small and large projects for my old Victorian home on Grove Street. He’s always incredibly professional and accommodating. I know I can trust him to work diligently even when I’m away on vacation.
People have been complimenting my bathroom nonstop since Peter remodeled it three years ago. Everything’s still got that new sheen and the tilework is just awesome.
I’ve been hiring the Sweeneys since I first moved into my house over 70 years ago. They did my kitchen cabinets, fixed my drains, and even rewired the lights in my bedroom into a single switch! There’s nothing the Sweeney’s can’t do.
I had this toilet that always had a problem. Either it was a leak or a plug. It was always giving me a headache. I’d hired other plumbers in the neighborhood, but problems would always come back. Since Peter worked on it last year, it’s been working perfectly. I’m so grateful!



I’ll only work with the best materials available and provide a 1 year guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. I strive for honest customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.



About Me


I started apprenticing for my dad, Peter Sweeney, Jr. when I was twelve, but even before that I was watching him work all the time. My grandpa established our company in 1918, back when we specialized in carpentry and woodwork. Dad picked up new trades and expanded our business. I’ve been servicing the greater Wichita area for over 15 years and am about to bring my oldest son in as an assistant.